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Complete Pre-Run Crate Engines

At Nitemare Performance, we only build and modify classic Pontiacs with traditional Pontiac engines – especially the legendary 389, 400, 421, 428 and 455 cubic inch V8s produced from 1964 through 1980. You will never see corporate (i.e., Chevy) or LS-series engines in our shop.

Our focus on pure Pontiac engines has lead us to develop some of the most innovative upgraded components and street- and track-tested assembly techniques for optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability.

These are just a few of the reasons why our engines have been featured in numerous magazines and under the hoods of some of the finest Pontiac show and race cars in the nation. Let us build one for your Pontiac.

All Nitemare Performance crate engines are meticulously blueprinted and assembled to provide years of outstanding performance and reliability, using only top-quality GM or aftermarket components, including many of our own in-house engineered upgraded parts.

Our 462-inch hydraulic flat-tappet stroker engine offers significantly more power than any factory-installed Pontiac engine, yet is convenient enough for street-driven use -- even in a daily-driver.

Reciprocating assemblies feature forged steel connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons, moly rings, and premium bearings. 400/428/455 engines feature a fully refurbished GM crankshaft. "Stroker" engines feature a forged steel, 4.25" Scat crankshaft. All reciprocating assemblies are dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

Nitemare crate engines feature our blueprinted and ported iron Pontiac cylinder heads for exceptional flow at an economical price.

The lifter valley of each crate engine is protected by one of our custom fabricated, lightweight, rust-resisting stainless steel valley pans.

Our custom-designed, SFI-approved balancer prevents your engine from shaking itself apart, plus features the proper interference fit and clears factory pulleys for a stealthy but worthwhile upgrade.

Each Nitemare Performance crate engine features a pair of our custom fabricated aluminum valve covers that feature extra-thick gasket flanges for improved sealing, aluminum construction to save weight and shed heat, tall height to clear stud girdles, plus they look cool.

Every Nitemare crate engine features extensive oil system upgrades, including a high-volume oil pump with our extra-thick pump cover plate, our Pro Series oil pump driveshaft, and our baffled, extra-capacity oil pan with matching pickup.


Each and every Nitemare Performance crate engine is painstakingly machined, blueprinted, and assembled to our exacting standards, then every engine is run on our run-stand to ensure it is leak-free, properly "broken in," and ready to run in your classic Pontiac.

All our engines feature a full suite of the components that we design and engineer in-house, selected specifically to maximize power, efficiency, and reliability for your individual engine.

And while our proven crate engine packages provide outstanding performance and value, if you have specific needs, we're happy to customize an engine to achieve your goals or satisfy race sanctioning body rules. Just give us a call at (203) 239-6868 or email us at

Click the following link to learn more about how we build the ultimate Pontiac V8 -- yours.


All our engines are pre-run and are sold 100% complete from water pump/balancer to flywheel/flexplate and from intake to oil pan, including Nitemare fabricated aluminum valve covers with breathers and full ignition system and the best custom paint job.

400 Pump Gas Engine

from $17,000

Fully blueprinted, GM crank, performance rods, forged pistons, hydraulic roller cam, Stage 1-ported iron heads

428/455 Pump Gas Engines

from $18,000

Fully blueprinted, GM crank, performance rods, forged pistons, hydraulic roller cam, Stage 2-ported iron heads

"455" Hydraulic Roller Cam Stroker

from $18,000

Stage 2-ported iron heads; 4.25" forged crank, forged rods, ARP bolts, hydraulic roller cam, Torker II intake.

"455" Solid Roller Cam Stroker

from $19,900

Custom solid roller cam and lifters, blueprinted lifter bores, billet 4-bolt mains, upgraded rod bolts, upgraded race valves, full roller rockers. Lifter bracing option available if requesting a BIG roller cam.

Check out our many options, below, to customize your engine.

All our engines are based on the following procedures and equipment, unless otherwise specified:


* All 400/428/455 blocks are boiled, mag checked, shot peened, and pressure tested
* Nitemare custom 1-inch dowel pins installed; line-honed mains
* Decks squared parallel to mains
* Bored/honed with our custom stepped torque plate, gaskets, fasteners
* Lifter bores blueprinted with bronze bushings to accommodate roller lifters
* Lifter valley deburred
* Front oil gallery holes tapped for 3/8" NPT


* All GM 400/428/455 cranks are boiled, mag checked, shot peened, nitrided, polished
* Blueprinted, stroke-equalized rods with 2.200" big ends
* Forged rods, full-floating pistons with moly rings, weight-equalized
* SFI-approved BHJ/Nitemare balancer (neutral balanced)
* SFI-approved flywheel or flexplate (neutral balanced)
* H rod bearings with standard main bearings
* Entire assembly dynamically, internally balanced


* All GM heads are sonic-tested in our shop to avoid imperfect castings.
* All D-Port heads are boiled, mag checked, glass beaded & resurfaced
* Stage 1 porting is given to 400 engines
* Stage 2 porting is given to 455 engines
* Bronze wall guides, PC seals, street/strip valve job
* Stainless steel valves, valve seals, 7/16" rocker studs
* Cometic multi-layer steel head gaskets
* Poly locks
* Nitemare custom-ground hydraulic roller cam with matching lifters and valve springs
* Pro series cam plate
* Nitemare roller timing chain with bronze washer
* Nitemare timing gear-to-cam washer (when removing mechanical fuel pump eccentric)
* Roller-tip rockers and moly pushrods


* Nitemare Road Race oil pan for GTO or Firebird chassis with oversized bolt-on pickup
* New oil pump with Nitemare Pro 0.250" oil pump plate
* Nitemare pro-sleeved hardened oil pump drive shaft
* MSD distributor with composite gear, custom Nitemare spark plug wires, AC spark plugs
* Edelbrock intake
* Billet aluminum Pro series water neck
* Pro series aluminum water nipple
* High-flow thermostat
* All-new stainless engine bolts
* Nitemare stainless steel valley pan
* Refurbished GM timing cover with all holes heli-coiled
* Super trick rebuilt production water pump.
* Custom paint job -- The Best!!!


* All engines are pre-run for 10 minutes with water sealer and break-in oil.
* Ignition timing is set and high-temp paint on exhaust ports is cured.
* Due to complications on the customer's side of installation, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have us supply you with a carb that is tuned for your engine. Even though we purchase the best quality parts currently available for Pontiac engines, there have been product failures recently (soft distributor gears, bad coils, faulty distributor rev limiter controls, etc.).
* It is also highly recommended that you have us dyno-test your motor.
CALL for details


Customize and complete your Pontiac crate engine with some of the following options, all of which are available and installed during in-house engine break-in:

750 cfm Quick Fuel Carb$1,200
Fully disassembled and tuned on motor during break-in, with 1" power cone spacer, gaskets and stainless steel studs/nuts.

Dyno Session$1,000
Piston rings are fully seated, carb is correctly jetted, ignition system is optimized. All parts are checked. Engine oil is changed and filter is cut and inspected.

Front Accessory Kit, 1967-1970
(extremely detailed P/S pump and tank)
Full GM pulley kit powder coated, with new Powermaster 1 wire alternator, rebuilt P/S pump with all GM powder coated brackets, new belts, flex fan/spacer, including new bolts and accurately aligning all pulleys.

Front Accessory Kit, 1971-1980$1,300
Full GM pulley kit powder coated, with new Powermaster 1 wire alternator, rebuilt P/S pump with all GM powder coated brackets, new belts, flex fan/spacer, including new bolts and accurately aligning all pulleys.

Blueprint Powermaster/Nitemare Upside-Down Mini Starter$350
3.4 hp, 4.4:1 gear-reduction, high-torque mini-starter with blueprinted solenoid, mounted to engine during build.

Factory pulleys & brackets
Traditional Pontiac pulleys with all related alternator/power steering brackets

4-Bolt main caps
Billet steel 4-bolt main caps with custom dowel pins and main studs

Stage 2 head porting
Additional porting for improved flow and power.

Stage 3 head porting
Maximum-effort porting for maximum-effort performance.

High compression
Elevated compression can produce more power and torque, and increase efficiency. May require additional modifications. Intended for competition engines. Requires high-octane fuel.

Intake manifold porting
Includes plenum and runner porting, as well as gasket-matching.

Remote oil filter systems
Includes Nitemare"s Pro o-ringed oil adapter block, stainless hoses, filter housing, fittings, mounting bracket and hardware to improve oil filtration and reduce oil temperatures.

Restricted oil lifter galleries
For solid and roller cams

Custom-built Turbo 400 transmissions
Available with manual or auto valve bodies


Prices listed do not include shipping.
Shipping is available in the USA at additional cost and includes a Nitemare Performance custom-made Pontiac-specific crate.
Important information regarding international shipping costs.

For More Info:
or call (203) 239-6868