The Nitemare Performance Complete Pro Series Remote Oil Filter System
$345 (plus $22.00 shipping)

Nitemare Performance manufactures a state of the art high performance remote oil filteration system. Nitemare's complete Pro series remote oil filter system includes; our pro O-ringed  oil adapter block with hardware, our Pro series remote oil filter housing, all ½ NPT fittings, - 10 hose end fittings, -10 steel braided line, Nitemare firewall bracket and one 2 quart oil filter.  Complete directions included (assembly of hose ends required). The kit includes our firewall mounting bracket that provides clearance for add-on boxes such as MSD ignitions. The oversized filter helps give additional oil capacity, aids in oil cooling and its large internal filtering area decreases the resistance to oil flow. You can expect approximately 8 horse power on a flywheel Dyno with our remote oil system over a stock oil housing and filter!
Additional photos of the components that constitute this system can be found here and here.


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