A Nitemare Performance Exclusive
'Custom Laser-cut Pro Oil pump Plate' $35

Our 'Pro Oil pump Plate' has all the same features as our Standard Plate, but includes two (2) .045 deep by .045 wide oil grooves cut into the top of the plate.  These oil grooves are centered right under the oil pump's drive and coast gears for superior lubrication. The Nitemare Performance laser-cut Pro oil pump plate is a full 0.250" thick, this is twice the thickness of the (0.125") stock plate and most aftermarket plates. The added thickness results in a plate that is far more resistant to flexing and securely supports the pump gears. This plate is laser cut, then it is machined to be 100 percent flat, for a superior seal to the pump housing. This part is a must for all performance applications.
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