Nitemare custom oil pan to fit '64-'72 GTOs and '67-'69 Firebirds
Includes oil pump with Pro pump plate, pickup and internal dipstick tube (8 deep by 8 long; 6 quart capacity)
($800 plus $28 shipping & handling)

Nitemare Performance custom oil pans are the ultimate street/strip pan for your Pontiac! Their exclusive designs provide unmatched fit and clearance, as well as superior oil control to ensure proper performance of your Pontiac's oiling system under all operating conditions.

Superior Oil Control: Our custom-made pans feature three trap doors and one semi-fixed door to minimize oil movement within the sump. In addition there is a right rear side bridge, designed to assist in oil control to the rear seal during acceleration by preventing oil from climbing the rear pan wall. Further oil control is provided by a one-way oil screen that is attached inside the pan, eliminating the need for either a separate windage tray or any kind of crank scraper. The screen is specifically designed to clear the factory dipstick and can accommodate a full length dipstick, eliminating the need to cut your dipstick shorter, as is required with other custom oil pans. The pan is designed to use the factory bolt-on internal dipstick tube, which attaches to the center main cap. Most Pontiac blocks have the center cap pre-tapped for such use. If yours does not, you must drill and tap it to secure the internal dipstick tube. We include a NOS internal dipstick tube for your convenience.

Superior Fit & Clearance: Our exclusive oil pan design clears all header and starter combinations, and the bottom of the pan sits level with the front cross member – not below it – thus reducing the chance of potentially catastrophic engine damage that can occur with deep-sump pans.

Superior Oil Supply: To ensure you get the most from your new Nitemare Performance custom oil pan– and to simplify its installation – the kit includes one of our select, high-volume/standard-pressure oil pumps, our Pro oil pump plate, and our custom-designed, over-sized oil pickup pre-installed into the pump.

Superior Finish: Nitemare Performance pans feature a flush, side-mounted magnetic drain plug and associated O-ring, to prevent leaks. In addition, the pan is fully zinc dipped to coat both the internal and external surfaces for better corrosion resistance than anodized surfaces provide.