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Email: • Phone: (203) 239-6868

Nitemare Performance Springs and Spring Perches

Click the thumbnails to see the full sized image

Nitemare Performance now supplies a range of custom rear coil springs and our own unique weld on rear coil spring perches for all 1968-1972 GM A-body muscle cars.  These perches, designed by us, have a machined hole in the center so they fit over the existing perches on your 10-bolt or 12-bolt rear end without modification.  These perches then need only minor welding to fix them to the rear end axel tubes.  A 1-inch weld on both sides of the housing tubes is sufficient if your existing perches are not damaged or rusted.  This can easily be done by a qualified welder in about an hour with the rear end in the vehicle.  Moreover, if you ever wish to restore your vehicle to original GM specifications for collector car purposes etc. these perches are easily removed.

Why do I need these perches?
Our spring perches enable you to use the wide range of readily available, custom coil springs that are pig tailed on the upper end only (factory style springs for 1968-1972 A-body chassis are pig-tailed at both ends). Without modified perches your choice of rear spring ratings and heights is severely limited.  Custom coil springs are available in an extensive range of spring ratings, enabling the design of a specific suspension to fit your driving style and performance goals.

Rear coil springs we supply are all 5.5-inches by 11-inches and are available in ratings of 300 and 350 pounds. Our springs generally maintain the same ride height within a half-inch of each other so changing springs while fine tuning your suspension will not greatly change the look or geometry of your vehicle.  However, some of the higher rated springs may put your car approximately one-inch higher than the stock ride height.

Front coil springs are available in ratings between 700 to 1400 pounds. These front springs are 12 inches in free height and fit 1964 to 1972 GTO & 1967 to 1969 Firebirds.

All springs and perches are sold in pairs.

Springs available only when installed by Nitemare Performance.

For assistance in spring selection, please call (203) 239-6868 or E-mail: