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Nitemare Performance Engine Calculator
Choose the units, inches or mm for each item, then enter the engine bore,
stroke,  deck height, cylinder #, then click one of the calculate buttons

Engine Item  mm Inches
Engine Bore
Engine Stroke
Deck Height *
Combustion Chamber CC's *
Your Compression Ratio is
Number of cylinders, 1-4  are for
lawn mowers and imports only!
Your Displacement is :


Disclaimer: We have endeavored to provide an accurate engine calculator, but we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies that could occur and NO user should make machining modifications to a motor or order parts solely on data obtained from this calculator.  Always verify your calculations using at least one independent method before making changes or ordering parts.
* Deck Height: Is the distance from the top surface of the block or deck to the top of the piston, if the piston protrudes above the deck, the deck height    will be negative (if the piston top is below the deck the value is positive)add to this value the thickness of your headgasket (always a positive value, as should be the resultant of these to numbers).
* If you have pistons with a raised dome, you will need to measure the cc's of the dome and subtract it from your combustion chamber CC's value. If  you have pistons with a recess such as valve reliefs, or dished pistons, you will need to measure the cc's of the recesses and add them to your combustion chamber CC's value.