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Free Nitemare PerformanceWallpapers

Click a thumbnail to see the fullsized image. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the thumbnails.  These wallpapers are provided in three popular monitor resolutions 600x800, 768x1024 and widescreen 1080x1920.  Right click on the fullsized image and select "save  image" (or equivalent) to save if you wish to save the image to your hard drive. We hope no one is offended by our 'work shop' model posing in her patriotic stars and stripes  or checkered flag bikinis in an effort to add a little more pazazz to our photography.  We would also like to point out that no roads or signs were hurt, or laws were broken in the making of these images (we've been know to use a little Photoshop for the sake of humor) and we at Niremare Performance strongly advocate resverving high performance driving for the race track and NOT public roads.

 Q: How can I download and apply the wallpaper?
A: Just click on the little thumbnails of the picture you like. Once the full wallpaper is loaded, rightclick on the picture and select 'Set as Wallpaper'.
Q: Why does Nitemare Performance have some of the wallpapers in only two resolutions?
A: Nitemare Performance has provided the wallpapers in sizes to match commonly used desktop settings intially this was just 600x800 and 768x1024, recently however, we have added 1080x1920.
Q: Why don't you have more wallpaper?
A: If enough people ask Nitemare Performance will add more.
Q:  Why don't you have widescreen wallpapers?
A: We have recently started to add these as they are rapidly becoming the more popular size.

These images are all copyrighted, but you may print copies for your personal use, or use the images as "wallpaper" or in digital photo-albums on your computer. However, they may not be sold or placed on other web-sites, or directly linked to on this site from others without the permission of the web-page owner.