BHJ/Nitemare Performance Balancer


BHJ/Nitemare Performance Balancers are the only American-made, SFI-approved balancers that fit WITHOUT modifying your lower pulley mounting holes (because the others are not Pontiac-specific Balancers) and will fit WITHOUT modifying your timing tab on your timing cover (because the other balancers are too large). The BHJ/Nitemare Performance Balancer now accepts factory Pontiac lower AC pulleys WITHOUT MODIFICATION. You can bolt on any configuration of Pontiac single- or double-groove pulleys and put on a factory AC pulley behind them and have it bolt correctly to the four factory-spaced holes on our balancer and the AC pulley WILL NOT come in contact with the edge of the balancer. Remember the AC pulley is recessed and comes back toward the firewall, causing it to contact and not fit other SFI balancers. Our balancer is specially machined and made to accommodate this.

As for those budget Balancers in the $150.00-200.00 range that are all made over seas, they are all junk! They are off as much as four degrees from the timing tabs zero location when the piston is at TDC. You are checking this when you assemble your motor aren't you?

These budget Balancers are also all slip fit, which is fine, but .002-.003" slip fit?! You have to be kidding me, right?

The final point about Balancers, is that they are the most often over-looked engine part, during most engine builds, even though they are one of the most important parts. The bottom line is: the BHJ/Nitemare Performance Balancer is the best available, best fitting, longest-lasting and most-durable Balancer for you Pontiac engine, period.

All Nitemare Performance Balancers are honed between 1.3715 to 1.3720 inches. Due to varying crankshaft snout dimensions, especially aftermarket cranks, the balancer may need a finish hone to obtain the desired press fit dimensions of .0005 to .010-inch. This can be performed by your local machine shop in less then 10 minutes. Bring your crankshaft to your local shop along with the balancer. If you want it press-fit (recommended) hone it for .001-.0015" press fit (honed smaller than crankshaft snout). If your motor is already assembled, use your 1-to-2 inch Micrometer and take the measurements of the snout and give your Micrometer and the measurement to the shop honing your balancer. This may sound like a lot of work, but this is the only way to avoid improper measurements resulting in incorrect honing. Spend the time and do it right. Remember: you get what you pay for!


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