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Nitemare Performance
featured in
Poncho Perfection, Pontiac Enthusiast, High Performance Pontiac, The Registry and Street Rodder Magazines.

Poncho Perfection's March 2018 issue features an 8-page tech story documenting how Nitemare Performance degrees the camshaft in the crate motor that will be raffled off to benefit charity.

Poncho Perfection's February 2018 issue features a 7-page tech story documenting how Nitemare Performance blueprints a Pontiac engine block for use in a crate motor that will be raffled off to benefit charity.

Poncho Perfection announces Nitemare Performance's Give-Away Engine
and the upcoming series of stories that will chronicle the build-up of the engine:

Check out this informative and humorous 7 page article on our 1968 Heavy Duty Towing Tempest
in the November 2011 issue of the Pontiac Registry's online magazine (click here for the full article).

The June 2010 issue of Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine features a 4 page article on Bill Sutherland's 572HP 1969 GTO.
This amazing GTO showcases a Nitemare Performance built engine, transmission, rearend, suspension and more!
If you would like to read the full article CLICK HERE. Or read this article and many others in Pontiac Enthusiast's online
magazine archive, a great resource for any Pontiac fan.

The Feb 2010 issue of Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine featured a 6 page article on Joey Vitiello's 500HP
1969 GTO convertible. If you'd like to read the full article detailing the team work between Nitemare
Performance and Nunzi's Automotive to produce this awesome vehicle CLICK HERE (downloads the
full article as a jpeg file). Alternatively you can read this article and many of the others featured on this
page in high resolution in Pontiac Enthusiast's online magazine archive found on their pages.

Click here to see our 2009 giveaway motor perform on YouTube.
Click here to hear our GM Nationals interview at Carlisle on YouTube.

The highlight of 2009 for Nitemare Performance was our 462 ci Stroker Engine Giveaway at the GM Nationals in Carlisle. This motor was dubbed the 'Torque Monster' for obvious reasons. GM may be retiring the Pontiac division but we are doing everything we can to ensure the immortality of America's original high performance brand. The motor was given away at the Pontiac Pavilion (sponsored by Pontiac Enthusiast) and the entire event from the engine build to the giveaway was covered in Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine. If you'd like to read this 11 page feature showing all aspects of the engine build in detail, CLICK HERE to download the full article.

See who won the GiveAway Engine

The above article on Nicholas Magro's 'New' Tempest tow car can be found in the Mar/Apr 09 issue of Pontiac
Enthusiast magazine. If you'd like to check out this unique Tempest tow car in more detail you can read the
full article HERE. This car and photo shoot location is also featured in one of our new online galleries found
here... its a must see... Smokin' while towin'!!!

Tony Garafalo's 1967 Pontiac Firebird was recently featured in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue of
Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine. This car features a 500 hp Nitemare Performance 455 motor,
a Nitemare Performance prepped TH400 transmission and other custom work.

The Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Pontiac Enthusiast features a 10 page article
detailing the important features of a Nitemare Performance 455 build!

The Dec 2007 issue of Street Rodder featured an article on hot crate motors (Crate Balls of Fire!).
We were pleased to see our 'Nitemare 455 Super Street Engine' was one of their picks!

This car underwent a full off the frame restoration by Nitemare performance!