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Blueprinted Pontiac Engine Blocks

Nitemare Performance now offers blueprinted production Pontiac cast iron engine blocks. Choose the perfect 400, 428 or 455 production block for your Pontiac from our massive inventory of carefully selected and prepared Pontiac castings.

All Nitemare Performance Blueprinted Pontiac Blocks are boiled to thoroughly clean them, then magna-flux tested for cracks, and pressure-checked before any machining is performed, to ensure each and every block is suitable for rebuilding.

We then chase all threads to ensure cleanliness and accurate torque readings, then install our precision dowel pins.

Next, we reinstall the factory main caps and line-hone the main saddles to ensure perfect alignment. (Shown here with bearing shells installed during a build up.)

The deck surfaces are milled relative to the main saddles and to ensure flatness for optimal head gasket sealing.

And the lifter valley is deburred to remove stress risers and prevent casting flash from potentially breaking off and destroying your engine.


The Best Building Blocks

All our seasoned, production two-bolt main blocks are prepared in the following manner:

  • boiled
  • dry mag checked for cracks
  • shot peened
  • pressure tested
  • have all threads chased
  • lifter valley deburred
  • front oil galleries tapped for NPT plugs
  • stock dowel pins replaced with Nitemare's custom dowels
  • main bearing saddles line honed
  • block decks are squared, parallel to the mains
  • cylinders are bored and honed with Nitemare's step torque plate to .030, .040, .050 or .060, per application


  • 400 cu. in. block pricing starts at $1,700 (outright-no core charge), including the above services
  • 428/455 cu. in. block pricing starts at $2,200 (outright-no core charge), including the above services


  • Pistons: Premium forged aluminum flat-top or dished full-floating pistons start at $700.00 and must be selected prior to choosing desired block combination.
  • Cam bearing installation
  • Freeze plug kits with 4 NPT plugs are offered and recommended to be installed after final block cleaning by engine builder.
  • Forged Scat rotating assemblies start at $2,425.00 and include neutral-balanced forged steel crank and rods, forged aluminum pistons, piston rings, rod and main bearings.
  • Earlier production blocks and Ram Air III block prices vary from above prices. Call with specific year and desired codes for exact pricing.
  • Production Stage 1 cast iron heads start at $1,500.

Above pricing does not include shipping.

For More Info:
or call (203) 239-6868