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Darrin is the driving force behind Nitemare Performance. For him, Classic Pontiacs are much more than just great cars, they are a passion; and this obsession for Pontiac perfection is carried over into every job he does. His forehead bares a small Harry Potteresque scar from an incident at the age of 16. Legend has it that this 'V' shaped scar was from working on his first GTO. He'd undone every wire and bolt but that stubborn starter just refused to budge from the block, as he gazed up at that huge starter, wondering what was still holding it in place, it struck him on the forehead. Unlike Harry's scar which has never stopped hurting, Darrin very quickly regained his composure, learned a lesson, and finished the job. But his love for GTOs became as enduring as his scar. Darrin has been working his mechanical wizardry ever since, with countless high performance engine, transmission and rear-end rebuilds and off the frame full restorations for customers, as well as of course for his personal cars. He has a red street legal 1968 GTO with the license plate NT-MARE. This car was aptly named as, 10 years ago when it spent most of its time at the drag strip, it gave nightmares to most of the local Chevy drivers with its low 10 second ETs on 10 inch tires through a full exhaust. The induction system had no nitrous, blowers, or turbos just a very well tuned 4 barrel carb on a hand ported intake manifold. While this car has spent much of its later years on the street, it has given its name to a company that strives to give this same scary performance to the cars of customers who crave this power. Darrin's wizardry is not merely restricted to conjuring vast amounts of horsepower and torque out of Pontiac V8s, as he is equally skilled at meticulous restoration and mechanical innovation. The cars that Darrin fully restores excel in all the departments of performance (acceleration, handling and braking) and of course in looks. His workshop is a spotless automotive operating theater where mechanical miracles are the norm, and even the undercarriage of cars he has worked on are pure mechanical eye candy. While his family may at times feel his Pontiac-mania is more of a curse, it is pure magic for the cars that enter his workshop. If you have a similar passion for your Pontiac, look no further than Nitemare Performance when your Pontiac requires the magician's touch.