A Nitemare Performance Exclusive:
Stainless Steel Timing Cover-to-Intake Manifold Washer ($7)


One of the more unique parts of a classic Pontiac V-8 is the washer that rests against the timing cover, to help draw the intake manifold and timing cover together, to seal the coolant crossover passage. Unfortunately, being small and somewhat malleable, it's an easy part to lose or damage. And factory washers — like so many other Pontiac V-8 components — are getting harder to come by.

Nitemare Performance has solved this pesky dilemma with its new, laser-cut, stainless steel timing cover-to-intake manifold washer.

Replace your missing or damaged factory timing cover-to-intake manifold washer to ensure your coolant crossover seals tightly, to minimize the chance of a leak.

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