The Nitemare Performance Roll bar.
Adding a roll bar to your car will do far more than greatly increase your safety in the unfortunate event of a crash or rollover. It will reduce chassis flex which will improve the handling and feel of the vehicle and allow you to push the performance of your vehicle to its absolute limits. It also makes a powerful statement that this is a serious performance machine.  If you are a NHRA member/drag racer you will no doubt know that a roll bar is required from 10.00 to 11.99 seconds.  A full roll cage is mandated in any vehicle 9.99 seconds or quicker or with a trap speed of 135 mph or greater. The Nitemare Performance roll bar is a unique piece that provides all the necessary functions of a roll bar, but unlike may other roll bars it is coupled with great looks, only a modest weight penalty and essentially retains the full usable trunk and passenger space.  Nitemare Performance uses only 1 ¾ inch, DOM .134 wall, mild steel tubing.  We do not use inferior less expensive welded/seamed tubing. Call (203) 239 6868  or E-mail:  for details.

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