for aftermarket IA II Block

$65 (plus $14 postage & packing)

The Nitemare Performance HP Sleeved & Hardened Oil Pump Driveshaft for IA II blocks is 0.150-inch longer in length (at 7.650") for taller IA II blocks and -- like the HP shaft for Pontiac blocks -- incorporates the best in materials and craftsmanship.  Our driveshafts are made from heat-treated, high-carbon steel, with a Rockwell hardness of between 28-32.

Our HP oil pump driveshafts feature a custom-honed sleeve that is pressed onto the oil pump end of the driveshaft for a secure connection to the pump, even at high-rpm, and a solid dowel pin is used to double-secure the sleeve to the shaft.

Our Patent-Pending HP Sleeved & Hardened Oil Pump Driveshafts should be used in all high performance Pontiac engines builds. This part represents secure yet inexpensive insurance for one of the most vital parts of your Pontiac engine's oiling system.

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