A Nitemare Performance Exclusive:
Copper Oil Pump-to-Block Gasket ($15)

Precision engineered to optimize oil system performance!


Few engine builders give much thought to the oil pump-to-block mating surface, but improper sealing here can cause significant oil system performance issues, from loss of pressure due to blow-by between the pump and block, to restrictions in the oil flow if the gasket obstructs the oil passage due to improper gasket alignment.

Nitemare Performance's new copper oil pump-to-block gasket addresses all these issues, eliminating gasket issues as a potential source of trouble.

Rather than base its new gasket off an old, paper gasket design, Nitemare Performance started from scratch and based its gasket off the position of the oil passage and mounting holes of actual engine blocks and oil pumps. This clean-sheet design allowed for more precise sizing of the gasket's oil passage and mounting holes, which ensures proper alignment and virtually eliminates the chance of the gasket restricting oil flow.

To ensure and optimal seal between the block and pump, Nitemare Performance's oil pump-to-block gasket is cut from 0.025-inch thick annealed copper, which provides for better crush, to best fill any gaps between the two components that might be caused by surface imperfections. In addition, the copper material is better able to cope with the pressures generated by both high-pressure and high-volume oil pumps, which prevents oil from deforming and possibly blowing passed the gasket, which could result in a critical failure caused by a reduction in oil pressure.

The Nitemare Performance copper oil pump-to-block gasket is inexpensive insurance against a potentially expensive oil system failure at a critical mating surface.

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