Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant

Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant is recommended for daily driven and extended storage vehicles (muscle cars) with aluminum radiators. The waterless formula greatly reduces internal engine rusting and corrosion and its extremely high 375°F boiling point (which greatly exceeds normal engine temperatures of 160°F- 240°F) means 'boil over' should be an extremely unlikely problem when using this product.

We recommend that this coolant be used with a high volume water pump such as the Evans pumps that we also offer.

Because this is a lifetime coolant that should not be mixed with any water or other coolants, your Pontiac's cooling system will need to be thoroughly drained of existing water or coolant, prior to using this product. We also recommend flushing your Pontiac's cooling system with Evans Prep Fluid to remove all traces of water and/or coolant prior to use of this product.

Because this product is used un-diluted (no water!), most vehicles will require approximately 6 gallons. We normally recommend ordering 2 cases per vehicle (8 gallons, total) so that you have an extra gallon or two in your shop, in the event that any maintenance that you perform results in coolant loss. Remember: this a waterless coolant and is not intended to be mixed with water or other coolants.

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