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What gives a classic Pontiac its aura? It's a complex combination of style, racing heritage and engineering art that symbolizes performance, looks and class. An integral part of the Pontiac image is its unique and legendary V8 engine. This powerful and rugged cast iron engine is distinct from those produced by all other General Motors divisions and is single-handedly credited with launching the muscle car era. This is why we feel that only a true Pontiac heart should beat beneath the hood of a classic Pontiac. Replacing major components like the heads, crank and block, with non-Pontiac parts, taints the heart and the soul of the muscle car – it's no longer a true Pontiac, it's lost its spirit and history.

Whether it is a Ram Air 4 head or a low compression D-port head, a 4 bolt main HO block or a regular 455 block that has been blueprinted, they all say I am a real Pontiac.  At Nitemare Performance we don't make this compromise: we use genuine Traditional Pontiac heads, blocks and cranks and produce true Pontiac engines with power outputs from 400 hp to over 650 hp, that deserve to serve in the engine bay of Pontiac classics.


* All blocks are sonic-tested in our shop and detailed reports including
material thickness measurements in crucial areas are provided to our customers
for their records. Components not measuring up to our standards are not used.
* All 400/428/455 blocks are boiled, mag checked and shot peened*
* Nitemare Custom 1-inch dowel pins installed and line-honed*
* Decks squared parallel to the mains
* Bored/honed 0.030" with step torque plate
* Lifter gallery deburred
* Front oil gallery holes tapped for 3/8 npt


* All 400/428/455 cranks are boiled, mag checked, shot peened, nitrided and polished
* Blueprinted & stroke-equalized, rods 2.200" and mains 0.010" under
* Scat forged rods, Keith Black pistons with molly rings
* All balanced neutral
* SFI-approved BHJ/Nitemare Performance Balancer (neutral balanced)
* TCI automatic SFI-approved flywheel (neutral balanced)
* H rod bearings with standard main bearings


* All heads are sonic-tested in our shop and detailed reports including
material thickness measurements in crucial areas are provided to our customers
for their records. Components not measuring up to our standards are not used.

* All D-Port heads are boiled, mag checked, glass beaded & resurfaced
* Stage 1 porting is given to 400 engines
* Stage 2 porting is employed for 455 engines
* Bronze wall guides, machine for PC seals, street/strip valve job
* Ferrea max flow valves, Felpro seals, ARP rocker studs
* Comp poly locks and springs
* Nitemare/Comp blueprinted cam and lifters
* Nitemare pro-sleeved hardened oil pump drive shaft & Nitemare pro oiling cam plate
* Nitemare roller timing chain with bronze washer, roller tip rockers and molly pushrods


* Road race oil pan for GTO or Firebird chassis with bolt-on pickup
* New oil pump with Nitemare custom 0.250"-thick oil pump platebr> * MSD distributor, Taylor wires, AC plugs, Edelbrock intake, high-flow thermostat
* ARP intake bolts and flywheel bolts, head bolts with hardened washers
* Traditional valley pan and timing cover with new, cast iron Evans trick water pump

BREAK-IN PROCEEDURE (click here to see how its done)

- All engines are pre-run for 25 minutes with outer valve springs only, using a premium petroleum-based engine oil containing 8 oz of RedLine's 'break-in' additive.
- Inner valve springs are reinstalled.
- Engine is run again to adjust valve train and set timing.
Engines are sold 100% complete and assembled, less carb and valve covers


* 400 pump gas engines start at $11,500
* 428/455 pump gas engines start at $12,500


To make the most complete Pontiac crate engine available, we offer the following options, all available and installed during in house engine break-in:

* Choice of top-brand carburetors
* Valve covers
* Traditional Pontiac pulleys with all related alternator/power steering brackets
* Blueprinted mini starters
* 4-Bolt main caps
* Stage 2 head porting
* High compression engines
* Intake manifold porting
* Remote oil filter systems (THE BEST, with the Nitemare Pro O-Ringed Oil Adapter Block
* Nitemare Pro-Series Oil Filter Housing and Nitemare firewall bracket)
* Restricted oil lifter galleries for solid and roller cams
* Custom-built Turbo 400 transmissions with manual or auto valve bodies


Shipping is available in the USA with Nitemare Performance custom-made Pontiac-specific crates, at an additional cost.

* Email: info@nitemareperformance.com
* Phone: (203) 239-6868

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