Nitemare Performance New GM 11" Rear Drum Brake Kits
$750 (Available only with Nitemare chassis rebuild services.)

Nitemare’s fully assembled 11” rear drum brake kit includes the following parts:
Genuine GM 11” backing plates, E brake levers and E-Brake Cables, Top of line, Raybestos spring kits, self adjusters, wheel cylinders, premium Raybestos brake shoes and finned drums.
We offer the most complete rear drum brake kit upgrade available. This 11” kit is a direct replacement for your current 9 ½” rear brakes, which came on GM 10 bolt or 12 bolt vehicles. There is no special valving or master cylinder needed to install this kit. You will notice a significant seat of the pants difference, once this kit is installed. Plus, you also get the durability and reliability of Genuine GM and Raybestos parts.
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