A Nitemare Performance Exclusive
Custom Laser-cut HP Oiling Camshaft Plate
$30 (+ $3.50 shipping)
Pat. pending

SELECT Standard thickness cam plate (0.121") for use with regular timing chain sets or
the thinner 0.111" cam plate for use with our trick timing chain for the ultimate setup.


The Nitemare Performance laser-cut HP oiling cam plate is a modification of the plate design used by Pontiac. In addition to the factory plate's angled, oil transfer slot, our HP cam plate features a full, 360-degree oil groove cut into the camshaft side of the plate to provide superior lubrication to minimize friction and wear. This part is a must for all performance applications. The Nitemare Pro Oiling Camshaft Plate will work with any cam and timing chain setup but we recommend using it with our trick timing chain setup for the ultimate cam-drive setup.Note:This ultimate setup, in almost all applications requires the use of our thinner cam plate machined to 0.111" thickness to maintain the correct cam 'end play'.
For the ultimate oiling system, see our remote oil filter parts and roadrace oil pans
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