Scenes from"Barberino GTO Show 2004"
Legend has it that the 1964 GTO started the muscle car era when Pontiac shoehorned their 389 cubic inch engine into a mid-size car to make a turnkey hot rod, giving the youth of America a new toy to play with. The ’64, which could seat 5 to 6 people was reputed to reach 100 mph in 11.8 seconds, setting a new standard for performance cars. The GTO continued being a top trendsetter and performance mark to beat all the way through to 1971. In 1968 the GTO was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. The gas crisis, however, took its toll, and the horsepower numbers were greatly reduced with the ’72 and later models. In the final year (1974) the GTO was just a decal package on a poor-performing Pontiac Ventura. Rather than sully the legendary name of the GTO any further, Pontiac decided to discontinue the model…. that is until today : the GTO has been re-released onto America’s streets with the new 2004 model. The ’04 lives up to its heritage with phenomenal performance in a new hi-tech package!Please click on the thumbnails to see the fullsized image.

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