Engine Oil/Break-In additive. The additive you must have!
Zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate (ZDDP, ZnDTP, ZDP)
Nitemare Performance,strongly recommends using a motor with sufficient ZDDP to provide the maximum protection to your high performance Pontiac motor. New EPA regulations mean that 'over the counter' oils may no longer meet these standards for high performance motors. 

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What is ZDDP
ZDDP is a surface modifier that prevents metal to metal contact. It is a highly effective extreme pressure lubricant used in high quality motor oils since the 1930s.  Recently ZDDP has been removed from motor oils. The reason for this change is that the EPA requires catalytic converters to function effectively for in excess of 100,000 miles. Since ZDDP can slowly impair catalytic converter function especially in engines that burn oil, this highly effective additive was removed. The loss of this additive was not deemed a major problem for newer cars.
Why do I need to add it to my oil?
ZDDP is required most where pressures and wear stresses are the greatest. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for older, high performance muscle car engines as these are equipped with high-lift camshafts that produce high rates of valve opening,  flat tappets and high rate performance valve springs, all of which increase pressure and wear stress.
The EPA just didn't consider the classic car enthausiast when they decided to pull ZDDP. Furthermore, since these classics never had catalytic converters the removal of this additive from their oil will have no positive environmental impact ...... in fact it will probably have the complete opposite effect as the accelerated valve train wear will most likely result in ill running, smog belching motors!
The best solution!
Nitemare Performance has researched the options available for maintaining sufficient levels of ZDDP in your engine's 'life-blood'. Unfortunately there are few satisfactory solutions available that meet our exacting standards. Common work-arounds include using additives like GM's EOS additive. However, this additive package, while containing ZDDP, contains additional components that are designed specifically for engine 'break-in', and are NOT recommended for use in regular oil changes. ZDDP supplements such as ZDDPlus provide the required ZDDP but would require slightly more than 2 bottles per oil change to match the levels of ZDDP  that Nitemare Performance recommends for very high performance motors. Furthermore, ZDDPlus lacks the additional protective components found in the RED LINE additive. For these reason Nitemare Performance see the RED LINE product as the superior product. An additional benefit is a net lower cost per oil change. Each 16 oz bottle of RED LINE 'break-in' additive contains a massive 33.8 grams of ZDDP. The addition of only 3 oz of this additive to 4 to 5 quarts of oil, restores the level of ZDDP to greater than the SF designated level of 0.15%', a level of ZDDP that your older performance engine was designed to have and is required to prevent excessive camshaft, tappet and valve train wear. Nitemare Performance recommends using greater levels, approximately 8 oz per oil change, for maximium protection under performance driving conditions, so one bottle should be good for 2 oil changes in high performance applications and 4 oil changes under normal driving conditions. This product can also be used in conventional and synthetic oils and provides an extra package of protection otherwise not found in most motor oils.
For more detailed information on the resultant ZDDP/Zinc/Phosphorous concentrations, at various Red Line additive to motor oil ratios, consult the table at the very bottom of this page.

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