Genuine GM 1” rear anti-sway bar (used) for
Full Size B-Body Chassis

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Used GM 1” rear anti-sway bar, retrofitted to fit 60’s and 70’s vintage full size B Body Pontiacs (and full size B Bodies from other GM divisions). This kit gives your smooth riding full size B-Body car flat sports car like handling, something they really need.  Our kit includes the following:-
GM 1” rear anti-sway bar (used) with vertical mounts pads.
Two NOS GM lower trailing arm internal braces.
Eight self taping, grade 5 bolts, for securing NOS braces to your trailing arms.
Two 4” by 8” ¼ thick horizontal mounting plates that bolt under the trailing arms.
Four grade 8 bolts and washers, to attach ¼ mounting plates to the GM braces.
Four Grade 8 bolts and washers to secure anti-sway bar to the 1/4 “thick mounting plates.

This kit provides outstanding fit, superior ground clearance and a ‘factory original’ appearance not found in other designs.

This kit is designed with horizontal mounting pads that bolt under the trailing arms, NOT vertical mounting pads that bolt to the side of the control arms, as with all currently available after market B body anti-sway bar kits.

Simple directions are included and installation takes less than 2 hours.

Use our exclusive retro-fitted NOS GM rear anti-sway bar for
significant handling improvements you can really feel.

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